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We tried the holiday Jingle Jam (a two week session, the perfect test run for her introverted mother) and my two year old wouldn’t stop talking about it. Now she proudly tells anyone who will listen “I GO TO MUSIC CLASS!” and she beams like a ray of sunshine for hours, before class and after.⁣

The Antisocial Annie in me dreaded the commitment of taking her somewhere with any regularity and having to talk to other moms and kids (don’t @ me, I’m all talked out by 8am every day). BUT, music has been the perfect fit for us. I really just get to watch her be cute and have fun. ⁣

I had to talk myself into this class, but I’m so glad we’re doing it. I don’t know if she’ll ever remember that we did this together, just the two of us, but I’ll always remember the way she giggles during the songs, asks me “now what!?” after each song is over, and glows just talking about Miss Katie. And considering that 1:1 time with any of my babies is about to become even more rare and precious, it’s really been a win for both of us.⁣


Highly recommend!! I started my son Brock in Music Together® here in Sparta at 4 months old and it has been an amazing experience getting to have the priceless, enriching time together during class each week. To have a front row seat to watch his mind absorb and develop through music has been amazing! Our teacher (Miss Heather) that we have had the pleasure of having has made her passion for music contagious! Also, I love that we can schedule make-up classes (for up to 3 of our missed classes during the session) online and can insert ourselves into a different class time for that makeup. Doing this, we have a chance to meet the other teachers and families too! The class time is "our time", we have made new and lasting friendships (which is really helpful since we just moved here a year ago) and I can honestly say that it even helps me to de-stress! After every class I leave with a lighter heart. You will not regret trying this! Tara Mackin


"I cannot thank Heather Donnelly and Jenn Prosperi Papaganeres enough for the beautiful weekly musical experience they have provided Wesley and I with over the past 2.5 years. Music Together day was our favorite day of each week, but it didn't stop there!!! We listened to our cd's in the car and sang our hearts out! We jammed out at home! We sometimes listened to certain songs on a never-ending repeat during a difficult car ride...We sang everywhere! We sang EVERYTHING! You have both taught us so much and I will forever be grateful for the time spent at music each week! I cannot wait to continue this journey with Emerie, and could not be more thrilled that Wesley will continue his musical journey with you! From the bottom of my heart...Thank you thank you thank you!!! (And yes, I am still crying)-" DustinandDenise Kimball

We love music together! It is one hour a week where I am guaranteed to have one on one alone time with my son. It is a great education tool prior to preschool and my son already has great language skills thanks to our Music Together classes. I would recommmend trying a class to any parent. Alyssa Walters


I credit this program with my daughter's ability to reach her milestones and develop physically, socially, emotionally and musically. It is Amazing!


This program gives me an opportunity to spend time with my granddaughter and also share with her my love of music. It has been a very positive experience for us both.


Miss Heather runs a wonderful program. All teachers, Miss Heather, Miss Katie and Miss Nicole are wonderful with the children and talented. Our son adores music class and the music helps us in our lives outside class. Class has also helped him develop skills. We love Sing a Song NJ!


We love Music Together and it has been a joy watching our daughter develop from crawling to walking to dance and learning the words to songs.


We have been "singing every day and every night" for the past 2.5 years! Thi goal was met and more!!! We now have 3 children and all enjoy singing Music Together songs!!!


We have been participating in a Music Together class since my daughter was 1 (she is now 3). She adores every minute of it. This semester was great. All of the teachers and Miss Merry are wonderful. We have nothing but good things to say!


We've been in music together since my son was 5 weeks old, he's now 20 months. He's always been mostly an observer in class, but today he broke out of his shell and was trying to copy everything Miss Katie did! It was such a great moment, watching the lightbulb go off! Miss Katie is a new teacher this session, but I already feel like she's a pro right up there with Miss Heather, Miss Nicole and Miss Jenn. She's like a character straight out of a disney movie! My son took to her right away, she's a great new addition to the team. Thanks to Music Together for always helping us make such great memories!! Looking forward to many more years with you! - Erica Hertzberg

 "Couldn't help but shamelessly promote the Music Together program in Sparta NJ. The classes at Sing A Song NJ are truly worth every penny intellectually (as you can see in the attached link to the article :Musical training can accelerate brain development and help with literacy skills ) and to boot my daughter and I have a blast every Wednesday. Thank you to all who make this possible. To all my parent friends who have young kids at home and are looking for something fun and educational to do with your little one (and also induces a 3 hour post class nap) Sign up for Fall!! You won't regret it, not even for a second." - Kerry Torrico


 To see the growth and development in my son through Music Together is absolutely amazing. It's a wonderful program and Miss Heather rocks  - Caroline Wrightson

Look forward to it every week. My daughter LOVES it! - Ann Vaughn Monesmith

  Every member of my family benefited tremendously from Music Together (even our kids' grandparents attended the classes and had a great time). Both of my children loved the program and I believe it helped them both to speak/sing at an early age and I would often see them "playing" music class with their stuffed animals and dolls.  I also met wonderful parents in the classes and built some strong friendships with other families who were in my classes.  It is an excellent program and we had a great experience.  Thank you!  --Serena Ayers (Music Together parent for four years)


We love music together! It is one hour a week where I am guaranteed to have one on one alone time with my son. It is a great education tool prior to preschool and my son already has great language skills thanks to our Music Together classes. I would recommend trying a class to any parent. - Alyssa Walters


 I just want to thank Miss Heather for everything. Scarlett has grown so much and I credit much of her language development to music together. We were driving to swim class this morning and The Three Ravens was on. She was singing at the end with the "meows" and I just melted. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for having this program in our little town. - Kristyn