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Summer Registration is here

Come Join us this Summer for the Kazoo Collection!

We are continuing to bring you the highest quality of developmentally appropriate early childhood music education while giving you the choice of in person or online live classes. We will be singing, dancing and playing with some of your most loved Music Together songs! Not only will you receive your award winning music download, your beautifully illustrated book, a CD of the music and access to the family music zone, but you will receive 24 hour access to our live online classes to play anywhere at anytime taught by our registered Music Together staff. We will also be having our Music Class Park Party for all registered families! Better yet, we are waiving all sibling fees. IF YOU ARE REGISTERING FOR ONLINE CLASSES REGISTER JUST YOUR FIRST CHILD. IF YOU ARE REGISTERING FOR STUDIO CLASSES, YOU MUST REGISTER THE SIBLING AS WELL  SINCE SPACE IS LIMITED AND EACH STUDIO SEAT MUST COUNT as we are following the CDC guidelines. First come first serve! REGISTRATION OPENS SUNDAY, JUNE 14TH Register today at or call Miss Merry at 973-400-8719 during office hours. PLEASE CLICK THIS LINK TO READ OUR PROCEDURES AND PROTOCOLS: New procedures and protocols for summer

All About our Grandfriends Class

Song and Dance Unite Toddlers and Seniors

Sparta Independent visited our Grandfriends class at the Bentley Assisted Living Facility to see just what we do! Click on the Link above to see the entire article. Photo and article by Mandy Coriston

Welcome Victor Fiore

We are very excited to Welcome Mr. Victor to our Song A Song NJ family! He is an amazing guitar teacher and we feel so lucky to have him! If interested in lessons please contact the office 973-400-8719.Victor Fiore is a Music Instructor specializing in Guitar Lessons. He has been teaching Stringed Instruments to students of all ages for the past 24 years.

All Children are Musical

All children are musical. Come join us and watch you child grow and thrive with our program of song, dance, instrument play, movement and plain fun!




Emergency Closing Info

If classes are cancelled due to inclement weather, holiday or teacher illness, you will be notified by at least one of 3 ways.The best way is a message that you will get on your cell phone immediately if you are signed up with REMIND.COM (To sign up you need to text to 81010 then text this message: @singas you will be given further instructions to put the APP on your phone so you can receive emergency messages from us. The other two ways are through our facebook site: Sing a Song NJ. (remember to like us on Facebook) or if we have time is with an email directly to your email address. If we have to cancel class we will add the class to the end of the semester so you will not miss your 9 weeks.

Welcome to Sing A Song NJ!

 Serving Sparta, Hampton NJ and Blairstown

Nurturing the Musical Growth of your Child

Sing, Dance & Instrument Play

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Music Learning Supports All Learning®

Serving Sussex County New Jersey and surrounding areas for over 30 years, our Music Together® classes build on your child's natural enthusiasm for music and movement. At Sing a Song, NJ we believe music is an essential part of a child's development. Children are born with the ability to sing on perfect pitch and move in perfect time to music.Between the ages of birth to 5 the live music experiences children have will determine how easily music and learning will be for that child. Music Together classes give families the opportunity to have an interactive musical experience that fosters brain development and the pure joy and fun of making music together and build lasting friendships.

Following the high standards set by our award winning Music Together program and teachers, we also provide families with high quality acting, singing, dancing, piano and guitar lessons.

 These classes are for children and the adults who love them: Mommy & Me, Daddy & Me, Grandma or Grandpa & Me or my Nanny & Me!

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