procedures and protocols

As per the CDC guidelines, our clases will be cut in half allowing 7-9 families at a time. Please note the following procedures before registering for a live class.

1.  All participants will be required to come in and use hand sanitizer as they enter.
2.  Children will NOT be required to wear masks, but adults will until further notice.
3.  In our restrictive class, families will be spread out all around the room and movement will e kept to their own rug area.
4.  In all classes, the Play Along iinstruments will be in individual bins for each family and will be passed out by the teacher. Families will not share instrument from class to class
5.  An air purifier will be run throughout class as well as after.
6.  Instruments and surfaces will be cleaned by a combination of pure alcohol and a product safe for children called Botanical Decon 30 created by the company Benefect. This product contains thymol which is proven effective against coronavirus.
7.  We are requesting families arrive on time as we need to end on time to give teachers enough time to clean the room and replace instruments for the next class.
8.  Teachers will be wearing shields or masks, depending on their individual comfort level.
9.  Teachers will be taking their own daily individual temperature checks and will not teach class if they are under the weather.
10. If you or your child was around a person with Covid, we are asking you to stay home and enjoy our Online classes for 2 weeks before returning to class.
11. If you are feeling run down or under the weather or your child has a runny nose, cough or fever, we ask you to stay home and enjoy our online classes.
12. You understand that you are coming to live classes at your own risk and Sing a Song NJ, LLC is not responsible for the transmission of the Covid-19 or any other virus.
13. Sing a Song NJ LLC will do everything in its power to keep the space safe for all participants.
14. Sing a Song NJ LLC teachers have the right to ask families to leave class if they suspect any illness.
15. Above all, please have patience with us, as this is unchartered waters, and we are learning as we go. The situation changes daily and Sing a Song, NJ just like all other small businesses was forced to shut down overnight. We are trying to find ways to continue to operated for our amazing commuity of families. Without your support and your enrollment, we will not be able to provide the children of the area with critical early childhood music education.
16. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.