Fall 2020

Jennifer Paldino
Virtual Class Online (location map)
Saturday, 10:30 AM
09/19/20 - 11/14/20 (9 weeks)


Music Together®® - Mixed Age

Class designed for children birth through 5 fostering developmentally appropriate, family-style learning. Adults and children participate at their own level by singing, moving, chanting, listening and exploring musical instruments. Class meets for 45 minutes once a week. Infants under 12 months come free with a registered sibling. Song collections change each semester.

The mixed-age format is not only educationally sound but creates a family-like atmosphere where siblings can attend class together. Older children learn from being in a leadership role, while younger children benefit from the example of the older child. Children of the same age are not necessarily in the same stage of music development. A mixed-age format enables them to participate freely and experience the music at their own level of complexity, without being burdened by age-specific expectations.


Upcoming Meetings
10/31/20    10:30 AM Saturday 10/31/20 10:30 AM
11/07/20    10:30 AM Saturday 11/07/20 10:30 AM
11/14/20    10:30 AM Saturday 11/14/20 10:30 AM